Author: Guillem96

Name: argon-nx-payload , version: 1.1-alpha
Author: Guillem96
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Changelog: 1.1-alpha

Fixing critical bug. Now ArgonNX launches using any payload sender.
Argon now is composed by 2 payloads (2 stages).
First stage configures hardware
Second stage loads the GUI
Bootlogo/splash and wait until GUI is loaded.
Improve system stability to enhance user experience.


ArgonNX's UI has been rewritten using LittlevGL library. This rewrite has a lot of benefits. Some benefits include:
Prettier font
Faster rendering
Better touch support
In general terms improves UX
Now payloads are listed inside tabviews where each tab contains a group of 4 payloads.
New tab of tools. By now tools only are related to reboot stuff (reboot to rcm, power off, reboot to ofw)
Background size back to 1280*720. No more weird image flippings.
ArgonNX Command Line Interface to simplify the process to create logos and backgrounds.
Now there is no need to declare a default.bmp logo inside the argon/logos directory.
Improve system stability to enhance user experience.


Now background must be in a vertical position. New background size must be smaller or equal than 720x1280. (Performance reasons)
Using double buffering for rendering in order to avoid flickering and also improve performance.
Fully touch support. Thanks to @pixel-stuck
Now payloads are sorted by name.
Correctly deallocate argon-nx from memory when launching payloads.
Improve system stability to enhance user experience.


argon-nx.bin: ArgonNX payload ready to inject it via TegraGUI or TegraSmash. Basic structure of ArgonNX for sd card. Includes a custom background, minerva training and a custom title.
Updated: 2020-02-24
Licensed with GPLv3
Details: What Argon is?
Argon is a noble gas. Argon comes from Greek Argon, neuter of argos meaning lazy , idle or inactive. Argon recieved this name because its chemical inactivity.

Argon NX is an immutable payload which is injected to your Nintendo Switch via Fusee Gelee exploit.

The purpose of Argon NX is to stay immutable, so you can always inject it, without caring about other payloads getting updated (Always use ArgonNX for TegraSmash, TegraGUI, TrinkedM0 ...).

How can it be?
When Argon NX is injected it automatically launches the payload.bin loacted at argon directory on your SD Card root.

If payload.bin is not present or VOOLUME DOWN button is pressed on payload injection, Argon NX will list all payloads located at argon/payloads, and you will be able tp select one of theme to launch it.

If you want, you can choose a payload logo by adding a 32 argb bmp(200*200) file named as the payload to argon/logos directory.

Works with all cfw payloads. Not tested with TeamXecuter SXOS payloat but it should work too.
This is the payload for launching argon.