Jun 13 '23


Tkinter themes don't have to be hard.

The py_simple_ttk test / demo app.

py_simple_ttk exists because I got tired of rewriting the same tkinter/tcl/ttk code over and over for simple projects. It is written in Python (and a little bit of tcl) and extends ttk with built-in themes and a basic application framework.

The goal of py_simple_ttk is to provide a variety of meta widgets with consistent get, set, enable, disable, and destroy methods and mega-widgets that make ttk development easier and faster.

Features include
- built-in theme support
- a score of labeled and multi-widgets
- tools for easy form building
- a sample app to demo py_simple_ttk's features
- a file-based config system
- Plus a number of optional PIL widgets.

See the readme for examples.

py-simple-ttk can be installed using pip with the command 'pip install py-simple-ttk'

Documentation and source available at PyPi and GitHub